Dragino LG01P MQTT Local Broker

Hi, Guys!
I have local broker on one pc, client on other pc, dragino and local network. I connect to dragino with Putty. When I try send message this method:
mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -u dragino -i dragino_Client -t home/garden/fountain -m “field1=34&field2=89&status=MQTTPUBLISH”
it is allright, broker gets data and my client, who listen topik home/garden/fountain too gets data.

But when I try setting dragino in interface, I can’t send data:
store_data 5678 “field1=33&field2=55”

Help, me please! How I can change it. I think , what problem with fields: Remote Channel in IoT Server, Write API Key, becouse they is empty. But this fields dosn’t exist in local broker.

It’s not really clear what you are trying to do here - is this question actually related to TTN? It kind of looks like you may be using some independent IoT scheme from Dragino, in which case you should probably pursue that with their support or forums where people would be familiar with that scheme.

Are you using the LG01P as a node or as a gateway? It’s built around a node radio, but sold as a a gateway.

Typically in TTN you’d point your gateway at the TTN servers, have your nodes transmit through your gateway (or someone else’s nearby) and the only actual use of MQTT would be on the getting your data back from the server side, in which case it’s TTN’s MQTT broker not yours, and it’s only whatever system you have that wants the data that would interact with MQTT, not your LoRa boxes of either node or gateway variety.

Hello, maybe the diagram will help you understand.


If you need additional settings, tell me!

Where is TTN involved in this diagram?

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if you mean TNN -The Things Network. it is it is not involved

Then perhaps a TTN funded forum is not the place to be expecting support for your setup ?

Perhaps the Dragino forums could help ?

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No… for sure :wink: