Dragino LG308

(Pat Molloy) #1

Just to report that this seems to work nicely with TTN and will make a nice indoor gateway.

If anyone else here has one, do you happen to know the meaning of the various LEDs on the front panel?

1 = Power - solid red
2 = ??? (Heart Shape) - off
3 = ??? (World Shape) - solid red
4 = ??? (Triagle network shape) -off
5 = ??? (Network shape) I think WAN - blinking red
6 = Wifi (Usual Wifi shape) WiFI client? - blinking red




you tried connecting to TTN yourself ? and can it communicate with lorawan nodes ?

it has everything ‘on board’ :wink:

1 x SX1308 + 2 x 1257 LoRa Tranceiver
1 x SX1276 LoRa Tranceiver
1 x GPS module for LoRa localization

(Glbaum) #3

Looking at the photo from the link that @BoRRoZ shared and assuming that it follows what the symbols were used for on their other products.

1 - Power
2 - (Heart) - Used by their other devices at least to indicate the processor board or mcu was doing something (i.e. for the LG01 it’s used in a blink sketch but it’s not clear if it’s a similar thing from looking at the LG308 documentation)
3 - (Globe/World) - WAN
4 - I’ll guess at this one since the photos don’t show a Triangle but generally that’s a symbol used on phones for your cell service
5 - Associated with the LAN connection
6 - Wifi (if the unit is emitting a WiFi signal)

(Pat Molloy) #4

Hi, yes, definitely working fine … see pix.


Although not sure why I am seeing this, for example, three times ?


Here are the LEDs on the front … (yes, the Dragino logo sticker is upside down!)


And only 3 of the antenna ports are populated with connectors (vs. 4 shown in their adverts and manual etc). There is an internal flat panel (tape) antenna, however. They also are not documented anywhere I can see but the unit needs …

WiFi, LoRa, 4G and GPS (I think!)


(Jac Kersing) #5

That is probably an acknowledged transmission where the node does not receive an ACK and retries.

(Pat Molloy) #6

Thanks … just to add a bit more as I look in t this device … there is this page, where I have expanded out all the options … I have radio 0 and radio 1 untiicked (disabled) at present. Not documented what this is doing …


(Jac Kersing) #7

Take a look at the TTN frequency plan on github, there you will see settings for the radio and the additional channel frequencies.

(Mid Walesha) #8

Been looking at this new Dragino product myself!

I think your Radio_0 tx max frequency needs to be 869525000 (enable this only)

I maybe wrong, if you have both disabled TTN wont be able to send downlinks.

Does it allow you to set the individual frequencies for the 8 channels listening? (channel settings tab) Also, does it have the full data rates DR0 - DR7 ?

(Pat Molloy) #9

Hi there,

I wrote to the Dragino folks asking for further documentation … it’s in the works but not done yet.

I have actually left all of this empty (default) and it all seems to work fine for me!

I don’t have access to the device right now, but will respond more fully when I do and will upload screenshots etc.

Good device IMO.