Dragino LGT-92 Join request

Hello all,
I’d like to have some feedbacks on the behavior of LGT-92 join/rejoin behaviour.
When plugging to reload the battery, several rejoin are sent (and rejected).
When turning off the device, rejoin continues, and are rejected by TTN. (Failed to process upstream message code 2)
did you notice similar behaviour?

Hi, i did not see your post, but you saw mine on the other LGT-92 thread.
Yes, I have the same problem. When connected to usb power it just stops working normally. It sends Join Reqeusts, GW sends Join Accepts, but LGT-92 is in a ‘while true’ loop and just sends Join Requests again and again.

Surprisingly, right now I have it connected to the usb power and it works half normally, it sends couple uplink messages before going again to the Join Request loop.

I don’t know if it’s a HW or SW problem. Mine is version 1.5.4. (tested on multiple devices).