Dragino LGT-92 sometime shows 0 latitude and longitude

Hello All,
I successfully configure LGT-92 gps tracker with TTN server. It shows latitude and longitude but the problem is that sometime it shows 0 latitude and longitude as shown in below picture. Can you please help me on this?

A lot of GPS type trackers report a location of 0,0 when the GPS does not have a fix.

Where is the LGT-92 located ?

one of person hanged it and also it in sky view and near to gateway. but still it shows empty locations.

Take it outside, so it has a clear view of the sky.

Hiii, device is in clear sky view but same thing happens

If the LGT-92 is returning the rest of the sensor data correctly, such as battery, but sometimes the latitude and longitude is 0, it does suggest that the GPS is losing its fix, either because it or its antenna is faulty.

Is the LGT-92 GPS constantly powered, or is the device using sleep mode to save power ?

Have you contacted Dragino ?