Dragino LHT65 not connecting to Gateway

I have a LHT65 temperature and humidity sensor that doesn’t connect to the gateway, I’m using a LPS8 Gateway. After I configure the sensor using the keys provided in the packaging, the manual instructs to press the ACT button until it turns green for 5 seconds to connect the device. Well in my case I press the ACT button and it only blinks red and it doesn’t send any information it just keeps blinking red every now and then. So I think it isn’t detecting the gateway even tough they are 1 meter apart.

What are the possible problems/solutions I have?

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I don’t know this sensor, I have not used it before.

But please your gateway and sensor needs to be min of 5 meters apart with a brick wall in between, you are overloading the RX of the RF., move them apart.

LoRaWAN is not WiFi. End devices do not connect to a gateway, they connect to a network (like TTN). That’s why you enter the device information in the TTN console.

The node is screaming in the ears of the gateway, overloading the input circuits and as a result probably corrupting the received data. Same applies when the gateway tries to respond, it overloads the receiver in the node.

Yes. That was the problem. It works now. Thanks