Dragino - LLMS01 LoRaWAN Leaf Moisture Sensor

I’m writing to ask for help on an issue that I need to resolve urgently.

I am using the LLMS01 device (LoRaWAN Leaf Moisture Sensor - Dragino, LLMS01 -- LoRaWAN Leaf Moisture Sensor) and the gateway DLOS8 (Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway - Dragino, DLOS8 Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway).

My goal is to send data from the LLMS01 device to the TTN server.

But the device LLMS01 does not send the temperature and leaf wetness data to the TTN.

I don’t know exactly why. Figure below shows the messages registered in the TTN.

Could someone please help me to resolve this issue?


How far is your node from the gateway?

You need to be 10m and a brick wall minimum between the gateway and the node, you are aiming for a max RSSI of -55 or so.

Dear Johan,

Thank you for having responded promptly.

The LLM01 device is more than 10 meters away.

Do you have any other tips?

Thank you in advance.