Dragino LoRa/GPS shield to MyDevice

Dear all,

I’m trying to connect my Dragino LoRa/GPS shield to MyDevice via the TTN gateway.

I tried the code from the link below but when I compile it using Arduino Uno it says that there is no sufficient memory.

Actually I need to send the GPS data only. I’m not interested in temperature and humidity. I tried to remove some parts of the code but still no enough memory.

Any suggestions please? Thank you for your time

It would be useful to know which libraries you are using, for the external ones I add a link to the library as a comment opposite the #include line in the code.

Why dont you remove all the bits you dont need, and post that code, much easier for others to see whats going on …

An Uno is fairly tight on memory to begin with, while it is likely possible to reduce your code to make everything fit, you’ll probably have better results with something like an Adafruit Feather or an ESP8266 (specifically that one, the ESP32 brings additional challenges).

Thank you guys for your help. I solved it. The problem was with the library of “lmic”. I was using a library who takes a lot of space of the memory. the sketch works without errors.
But I have a new problem!
I can check the data on the TTN website but not on Cayenne platform. I followed all the steps from the link below but it’s not working.
I have other nodes who are working properly on Cayenne from the same application.
But is it normal that in the sketch above the CayenneLPP.h is not included?
Thank you so much!

LMiC is the library which was allowing your device to transmit to a network such as TTN.

You cannot simply remove it or your device will not transmit.

If you replaced it with something else (which you have neglected to specify), you need to consider if there may be differences in what that something else does.

I replaced the old library which is “MCCI_LoRaWAN_LMIC_library” with a new one “arduino-lmic-master”.

I’m receiving data on TTN but not on Cayenne.