Dragino LoRa GW + Smoke Detector LS-134H

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I already connected my dragino gw into TTN and next step I want to connect smoke detector (globalsat ls-134h) with TTN too. But I dont know how to connect.
I tried to connect ls-134h into TTN but it not work.How to connect ls-134h with Dragino GW into TTN ?


it seems to me a programmable LORA only device (so not LoRaWAN what is needed for TTN)

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Then, ls-134h don’t need dragino gateway. Is it can standalone, right ?

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No, The smoke Detector is LoraWan Compatible, and should work on TTN.

You did try to config it via the AT commands?


can you give an example howto join the network OTAA ?

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The following AT command should place the device in OOTA Mode.

AAT2 JoinMode=1

0: ABP mode
1: OTAA mode


thats probably not enough info to join TTN with this device :sunglasses:

can you explain how to set the keys ?

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The following should work.

AAT2 DevEui=[parameter] ex. AAT2 DevEui=44c5a7ffee000001

Or try to get the current DevEui.

AAT2 DevEui=?

AAT2 AppKey=[parameter] ex. AAT2 AppKey=88939b92f09e3daf676d646d0f61d250

Or the read the current AppKey

AAT2 AppKey=?

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Remember to do the following to save the settings.

AAT1 Save

and to reboot the device

AAT1 Reset

While it reboots, grab a beer and pray to the god of lora, maybe it will connect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


in other words… you don’t know


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I can’t see why it wont connect.


well, lets wait and see (I can’t test it) :wink:

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