Dragino Lora shield 1.4v

Hi Teams,

i brought Dragino Lora Kit LG01-N & LORA Shield 1.4v along with Adriuno UNO, i have registered the Gateway successfully with TTN network and i tired to connect Node with that gateway, before connect i tested sensors alone within adruino and tests are ok sensord given me data’s.

to test sensor

  • i uploaded DHT11 sensors code, result is ok

-i uploaded lora node codes to adruino, yes its connected and given some unreadable values, however i assumed its connected.

-now i want to upload both lora node and sensor code to adruino and i am having different different errors, i have changed many codes from internet all have some error, please could you help me to resolve this issues for 868.7Mhz…

Thank you.

Very sorry to hear that, as this kit does not contain a LoRaWAN gateway, but is priced as something that should. The vendor will claim that what they sold you is a “LoRa gateway” not a “LoRaWAN gateway” - but this is a silly distinction, they are clearly marketing it to people who do not know the distinction, selling those in ecommerce channels rather than their actual gateways, and the box they sold you doesn’t really make sense for most non-LoRaWAN LoRa uses either.

To make the limited use of that box that is possible, you would need to modify the node firmware to use only the single frequency and spreading factor which that node-impersonating-a-gateway is able to monitor. That might be simplest in a transmit-only case, for example adafruit tiny lora (you will still have to change the frequency and spreading factor to whatever your receiver supports)

Perhaps you could send it back and get a real gateway instead.

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Dear CSlorabox,

i want to control relay and registered LG01 as gateway,
i connected relay in to Lora SHield 1.4V,
now which script do i need to upload to lora shield and how to control the relay ,
is it enough only TTN or do we need any other platform to control remotely.
Thank You. Since i am new in to this platform struck and support.

You might want to provide some details of your project and what it is you are trying to achieve.

If your trying to use TTN remote control some device, then its possible TTN is not a suitable platform for you application. Without knowing the deatils of you project, such as how often you will want to control this device, its difficult for the forum to advise.

TTN is not generally suited to downlink control as downlink messages can only be sent in response to uplinks, and uplinks cannot be sent too frequently. It really only works if you only need to send a downlink command in response to uplink data you would be appropriately sending anyway. And if the latency of accomplishing a downlink is measured in minutes.

Given that you don’t have an actual gateway but rather a second mains-powered node, perhaps what you should do is create a non-LoRaWAN point-to-point link.

Such is not really on topic here though, as this is the TTN forum.