Dragino LPS8 first connect them disconnects

hi guys, I’m new to this and have followed all the instructions I found in the manual and on youtube.

I’ve managed to connect the gateway and dragino LHT65 sensors, however after a while the gateway blue light then turns from a solid state to flashing and on TTN it says its reconnecting but doesn’t actually re-connect unless I pull the power cable out of the gateway then plug back in.

but even then it only connects to TTN for a few mins then happens again.

I’m assuming I’ve put all details in correctly or it would connect in the first place, I just cant work out why its so unstable.

any help would be great,

is there anyone who can help me with this?

Details, details, details… please.

How configured - device (LPS8) and TTN console, where are you, which cluster used, what backhaul method, internet stats (speed, ping tests etc.), how connected - wireline/wifi ethernet, when ‘disconnected’ is it still visible on local router, LPS8 firmware version, etc.

Too little info in OP for the forumites and volunteers to start to speculate or use crystal balls :wink:

If it works initially and needs a power cycle, I’d suspect the power unit - can you try another?

hey thanks for advice, when you say power unit you mean the plug / wire that goes into gateway to supply power?

So your saying to change the plug adaptor?

sorry for lack of details

Hope this helps

at the moment it seems like it disconnects but reconnects soon after its when it disconnects and take a day or so or needs me to switch of from mains to re connect it becomes a problem.

Heres configuration of end device (dragino LHT65)

Not just the plug/wire, look at the whole power situation. The LPS8 has a 5V 2A connector. At the other end of the wire you plug in to that will be something that turns mains in to 5V with up to 2A available. If that’s going on the fritz after running for a while, typically when they warm up, then your LPS8 may not be getting fed properly with the electrickery.

ill keep an eye on it,

when it disconnects from TTN, the gateway blue light still flashes and it is still connected to the internet so I don’t think the unit actually switches off.

I’ve posted screen shots of my configurations does it seem like I’ve done anything wrong?

Nothing obvious in your settings that are wrong AND most importantly your gateway works when first plugged in.

After a while it stops working.

Typically with electronics this is because something gets warm and it causes enough of an issue for the system to stop working as expected. Which given the processor is potentially running 400,000,000 instructions per second, doesn’t take much.

So, as advised, try another adapter.

I’ll change the adaptor and watch it for a few days

Thank you for the advice :pray: