Dragino LPS8 not receiving - help please


Es tut mir total leid ich bin neu hier und auch neu in der LoRaWAN Welt .Ich hab mir den Dragino LPS8 gekauft und habe den jetzt mit dem ttn verbunden (hoffe ich xD)
Meine frage ist warum zeigt der mir an das er verbunden ist aber empfängt nichts ???
Und warum kann ich den standort von dem gerät nicht bestimmen oder warum zeigt der den nicht automatisch an??
ich verzweifel so ein wenig

wäre total lieb wenn mir hier einer helfen könnte

Vielen Lieben Dank schonmal im Vorraus

Hi, by concensus, this is an English language only forum. Please can you repost in English, even if via Google Translate.

I’ve moved the post to an appropriate topic.

Do you have a device or node that you expect your LPS8 to hear?


I’m totally sorry I’m new here and also new to the LoRaWAN world. I bought the Dragino LPS8 and have now used it with
connected to the ttn (I hope xD) My question is why does it show me that it is connected but receives nothing ???
And why can’t I determine the location of the device or why doesn’t it show it automatically?
I despair so little.
and if I want to import my device from TTN at Helium.com, it shows me 0 devices

would be totally nice if someone could help me here

Thank you very much in advance

I know sounds stupid now but I thought when I set up the one that connects by itself with others

Do you have a device??

This is TTN, we do not support issues with Helium.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Gateways don’t connect to each other. If your gateway is in range of a device, it will hear an uplink and you will see it on the gateway console.

If you have a device that is registered on TTN then you it should be heard by your gateway and you should see entries on the gateway & the device console. But it is not clear if you have a device …

I only have the Dragino LPS8 I need something for it ??

A gateway is laudable on its own and helps expand the network for others but to do anything yourself you need a node device (or several!). Different technology and architecture but an analogy would be its like buying and installing a WiFi Access Point and connecting it up to the Internet…but then having no devices (Laptop, PC, iPad, Kindle, Phone, media streaming device, Smart TV or what ever, to access the internet through the AP you just invested in :wink:

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that means the device is now more or less useless for me or helps to connect with others so that I can forward the data correctly? Do you have a page or something where I can read it and maybe a few devices that you can use as a node ??? I just understood that I buy a gateway that I can set up and mine to put it simply :see_no_evil:

What would you like to measure?

don’t want to measure anything. I wanted to mine

Mining is part of Helium, not TTN. In TTN your contribution makes you feel good, it does not earn you credits.

ah okay thank you very much. but via the getway I can receive and forward data or not?


But the LPS8 is not a Helium miner, which as mentioned a couple of times above, is not TTN so not for discussion here.

according to their homepage already. yes I know my question was only why I did not receive any data and forwarded until just did not know the Ttn for a good feeling, which I appreciate very much and also find good when I am honest and think about it not to do that with helium anymore! found ttn through a YouTube video

A LoRaWAN network requires that there be both end devices (“nodes”, commonly “sensors”) and gateway(s) within radio range of each other.

The idea of TTN as a public network is that the end devices and gateways do not have to be owned by the same people.

But there will still not be any data flowing unless there is at least one end device in range of at least one gateway, and you have ownership or otherwise shared access to view the data involving that end device or gateway.

Most experimenters end up buying both end device nodes and one or more gateways, since it’s impossible to know that either is working unless the other is present in the local area.