Dragino LPS8 shows LoraWAN up, but TTN is offline

Hi All,

I noticed my sensors stopped working lately. I used to be on V2. So figured I needed to be on V3(possibly my mistake). Now my Dragio LPS8 is showing LoraWAN is up but TTN is showing offline. I tried a firmware upgrade to “dragino-lgw–v5.4.1655274924-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin” and still no luck.

Also, I’ve noticed after the firmware upgrade that I now have the option to choose “Basic Station” or “Semtech UDP”:

Basic Station Config

Semtech UDP

TTN Config

I have perused the forum and seen others with similar issues, but they dont seem to understand basic things like the EUI needs to match on the g/w and TTN…so I’m not finding any good help in previous posts. Thanks!

Please search more widely around the LPS8, V3 and also on BasicStation with the device and you should find more and guidance.

Generally (and from my own experience) looks like most say whilst BS a good thing usually BS on this seems to be a problem for some. If you have updated firmware do a full reset of the unit to remove/old residual config info as that looks to increase likelyhood of success for full registration.

So TL:DR -

Update firmware to latest version
Do a full reset
Config to use SMTC UDP PF
Delete existing TTN(CE) - V3 registration
Re register with correct EUI and use a fresh GW-ID - of your choice
Use wired Enet connection if you can, appears more stable for some than WiFi
Cross fingers and enjoy results! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this! I’ll give it a try today.