Dragino LPS8


I recently bought a Dragino LPS8 and realized it’s optimized for the 868MHz range (Europe?), but I’m in Canada. I initially thought I had bought the wrong one, but it doesn’t look like any 915MHz model (US/Canada) is available.

I’m using it in the 915MHz range and haven’t done any coverage tests yet, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else in US/Canada is using that model and if/how you figured a way to improve the coverage, through an external/better antenna maybe?

Other than that I think the configuration possibilities seem great. I still have to figure how/if I can also connect basic LoRa nodes (not LoRaWAN) to it at the same time and properly forward them to a MQTT broker or other.


There is an LPS8-915 for USA, Canada etc. Check the exact model information to see which you have.

The filters between the antenna and the logic are tuned for the frequency band. Using an 868MHz model for 915MHz operation will have an huge performance impact. (Less range)

Running both Lora and LoRaWAN in parallel will probably require a non standard packet forwarder.

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