Dragino LSN50 V3

Hi all,
I have got a couple of LSN50 V3 ( yes, three!) to play around.
Is correct that they are not in the repository or I missed something?

There are a huge number of devices from many manufacturers in the marketplace each often with many hardware or firmware revisions so it’s impractical to cover all options…… the team relies on manufacturers putting the effort into populating the variants as no resources to do on their behalf. The other option is users like yourself getting a device- especially a new one- and putting the effort into the loading of correct config settings etc…… well volunteered :wink: we are the community :+1: likely as a new variant it isn’t in the repository yet so you may not be missing anything.

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Thanks Jeff-UK.
my little contribution:
So far it is working with the setting and decoder like V2.
The eletronic layout and the hardware are different .
The functionality and software(AT-setting) are the same,

Important note: each device has a unique PIN, reported on the label, to enter the setup.

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