Dragino on Arduino Uno sending on different frequencies

Hey there,

I’m using the Dragino Shield on an Arduino UNO. I also use the LMIC library.
When I start the Arduino and open the terminal in Arduino IDE, the serial output of Arduino shows, that the board sends the data on 868.1MHz, then on 868.3, then 868.5 MHz, and so on. How can I change it, that the board sends only on 868,1MHz ? Is it possible ?

What you’re seeing is called channel hopping, and is mandatory for proper nodes.

If you’re saying it’s only hopping over 3 instead of 8 frequencies, then you’re apparently using ABP. For ABP, for a proper node, you should manually program the 8 frequencies (for EU-868) and the settings for RX2. Most LMiC TTN examples will do that.

To only use a single channel, for testing only, see Can LMIC 1.6 be set up to use a single channel and SF?

I’m new to this but I saw somewhere that you can disable channel 1 to 8 with this command:

Serial.println(“European Channels”);
for (int i = 1; i <= 8; i++) LMIC_disableChannel (i);