DRAGINO problems and solutions topic part 2

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oh really. I just bought that module since It is available in aliexpress for few bucks. I didn’t know those power constraints. Thank you very much for letting me know. Anyway for basic learning I’ll use it & then I’ll buy a suitable module. Anyway my next step is add my gateway to TTN & test. But before that I should make sure that rest of the things are okay. My problem is my Ebyte module sends data but dragino gateway doesn’t read them. I uploaded Lora_simple_server_Yun sketch to gateway. (it is an example sketch from dragino). What that sketch does is just read the data from client LoRa node & prints the output on Serial monitor. Unfortunately only serial print I get is “Listening to 915MHz” & no any data displayed on serial monitor. That is my problem. I really appreciate if you can tell me what may be the issue & how to fix it. If it is fixed, then I can push those data to TTN & test my setup.


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Thats been answered over in the Arduino forums, its not going to work.

Incidently, its not a good idea to post the same question in two different places at the same time, its a waste of the responders time (who are volunteers).

  • the module is a wireless uart and can’t be used for LoRaWAN / TTN
  • cheapest solution is : buy a RFM95 module and connect to your arduino uno

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after following this tutorial I find my gateway unable to connect to ttn(“not connecteda” in the console overview). After trying http://noc.thethingsnetwork.org:8085/api/v2/gateways/eui-<your-eui>
i got the following reply:
{“satus not found”,code:5}.What causes this issue and how can it be fixed?

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I ma using Raspberry Pi 2 and Dragino LoRa/GPS Hat as a node. This node transmits data to 8-channel RAK831+RaspberryPi Gateway. I am trying the following code: https://github.com/ernstdevreede/lmic_pi/archive/master.zip

My pin mapping in thethingsnetwork-send-v1.cpp is:
// Pin mapping
lmic_pinmap pins = {
.nss = 6,
.rxtx = UNUSED_PIN, // Not connected on RFM92/RFM95
.rst = 0, // Needed on RFM92/RFM95
.dio = {7,4,5}

When executing the code, I am getting the following error:

In radio.c line 630 and few codes before that line are the following:
630 ASSERT( (readReg(RegOpMode) & OPMODE_MASK) == OPMODE_SLEEP );

Does error at ASSERT( (readReg(RegOpMode) & OPMODE_MASK) == OPMODE_SLEEP ); mean there could be problem reading the Lora modem? Any guidance/help in how I can solve this error would be highly appreciated.

One more request, if anyone has another good tutorial for these particular devices to work as a node, Please let me know.

Thank you

DRAGINO problems and solutions topic part 1
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Dear forum

I have a problem. When I want to upload a Sketch to the Dragino LG02, this Error appears (picture attached). I have the LAN-Port Connected and the Arduino IDE shows the Port1. Then, when I want to upload the sketch, it doesn’t work. Can you help me pls? Thank you in advance.


Also, it would be nice, if someone can link me a usable Sketch for the Dragino LG02 as a Gateway for Sensor nodes.

Best Regards



you can’t upload on that port… select the right device/port in the ide

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It just shows the Port1, nothing more…?


and you read the manual ?

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Hi all,

I have an issue with the LG01, I am probably missing something obvious but any help right now is greatly appreciated.

The issue is that none of my data seems to be forwarded to The Things Network. My received messages are not incrementing and there is no traffic on the gateway.

I am positive that my LG01 is connected to the things network and I am fairly sure that my LG01 is receiving data. If I go into the diagnostics I can see the sensor data being received. It just doesn’t leave the gateway.

I had this exact same setup running back in November and now I am having no joy.

Please point out something obvious I have missed.

Thanks a bunch,

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Hello all, I have a problem with my Dragino Lora shield in that the range is very short for Lorawan standards as the longest distance it can reach my Rak831 gateway is about 20-30 meters. It works fine at up close but then packets get start getting lost as the node goes farther away until the gateway receives nothing at all. I tried many things to fix this problem. I changed antennas multiple different times, changed frequency plans, changed the codes and libraries, tried out all the spreading factors and maximum transmit power. All to no avail. The distance still did not change. I am getting pretty desperate as my defense is getting closer. I need help. Should i just order another different shield? Or is there any way to fix my problem?

Thank you.

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Hi all, I lost the sticker with the default device EUI of the LSN50 sensor. Does anybody have an idea how to retrieve it since there is no USB? Thanks a lot!!


sure https://wiki.dragino.com/index.php?title=Lora_Sensor_Node-LSN50 just connect it first :wink:

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Can someone help me with the dragino LG02? I connected it to the things network and it is schown as connected, but I can’t connect my arduino mkrwan 1300. Packets are sending but on the thing networks nothing is uploaded. I thing it is a problem with the dragino gateway LG02.

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I have connection problems with my end nodes devices( WHISPER NODES).
They won’t show up. The gateway shows up on the gateway devices list (in TTN console) and get’s a online status and is receiving packets. If i login to the web interface(local) from the dragino gateway i see what looks likes data incoming from TTN. On the webpage i don’t see a connection fromm the WHISPER NODES. I was wondering of anyone could tell me if the radio settings are good ?

Gateway Device: Dragino-1b507c
LoraDevices end Nodes: WhisperNode

Radio Settings

TX Frequency: 869525000
RX Frequency: 868100000
Spreading Factor: SF7
Transmit Spreading Factor: SF9
Coding Rate: 4/5
Signal Bandwidth: 125kHz
Preamble Length: 8


please show the console and the join from the node(s)
and what dragino gw ?

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The Dragino is the LG01-P (Freq-868)

What kind of information do you need ?

DraginoGatewaySensor|523x381 !

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to start, its not a real 8 ch gateway, its a single channel gateway,
so if you’ve updated the firmware to the latest version, then you have to change the firmware from the nodes to so they transmit on the gw frequency
to check you must transmit at least 8 packets , a single channel gw will probably see only one of those 8 packets.