DRAGINO problems and solutions topic part 2

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oh really. I just bought that module since It is available in aliexpress for few bucks. I didn’t know those power constraints. Thank you very much for letting me know. Anyway for basic learning I’ll use it & then I’ll buy a suitable module. Anyway my next step is add my gateway to TTN & test. But before that I should make sure that rest of the things are okay. My problem is my Ebyte module sends data but dragino gateway doesn’t read them. I uploaded Lora_simple_server_Yun sketch to gateway. (it is an example sketch from dragino). What that sketch does is just read the data from client LoRa node & prints the output on Serial monitor. Unfortunately only serial print I get is “Listening to 915MHz” & no any data displayed on serial monitor. That is my problem. I really appreciate if you can tell me what may be the issue & how to fix it. If it is fixed, then I can push those data to TTN & test my setup.


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Thats been answered over in the Arduino forums, its not going to work.

Incidently, its not a good idea to post the same question in two different places at the same time, its a waste of the responders time (who are volunteers).

  • the module is a wireless uart and can’t be used for LoRaWAN / TTN
  • cheapest solution is : buy a RFM95 module and connect to your arduino uno