DRAGINO problems and solutions topic part 2

this topic is to share information about all the DRAGINO problems and solutions.

part 1 is HERE

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Hi, everyone
I found a problem while using lora shield for arduino.
The transmit range is only thirty meters approximately even with antenna.
i don’t know what is going on, because i think it should be up to 2 km at least.
Anyone helps me, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance

If range is very poor then the most likley causes in my experience are, in order;

  1. No, wrong or faulty antenna (includes faulty cables and connectors).
  2. Faulty module, likely caused by 1.
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How do you know its 3 metres without an antenna and why do you think it ought to be more ?

Is this LoRaWAN and The Things Network or some other point to point setup ?

hi bro,
I use two lora nodes(consist of uno and lora shield produced by dragino) to detect its range. Once the distance beyond about 3 meters, there is nothing showed in the receive-node.

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So you are using LoRa and try to transmit from one arduino with dragino hat to another arduino with dragino hat right ? possibly code examples from the dragino wiki ?

Absolutely right.
The code examples from the dragino wiki was modified a little. And also, I have tried that code and met the same problem.
The code I used has shown in the last post. I don’t know why the range is so short.

Clear… here you are in the Things Network forum.

A forum special for LoRaWAN and in general we don’t support boards that communicate direct and only in LoRa.

So there is a difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN.

If you want to communicate directly between those two boards, without the things network, I’m afraid we can’t help you here.
If you want to increase the distance, it’s possible to make one single channel gateway (receiver) and connect that one to TTN and the other one is your node (transmitter) that can send data… like a temperature.

Use search… there is a lot to be found here on the forum.

All right. Thanks all the same.

It would have been very helpful if you had said that you had tried the code from the Dragino wiki and still had the same problem, how likely do you think it is that the demonstration code on the Wiki would be ‘faulty’ in some way ?

You also said that the range was 3m ‘without antenna’. Operating the modules without an antenna will often damage the modules, I have seen that happen many times. The classic the symptom of a damadged module is extreme short range.

what i want to say is not the problem of example code makes that problem. The range is so short, which is I want to ask why.


you want to set up a single channel gateway ?
see for LMIC info

LMIC_setupChannel(0, 868100000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7),  BAND_CENTI);      // g-band
     //LMIC_setupChannel(1, 868300000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7B), BAND_CENTI);      // g-band
     //LMIC_setupChannel(2, 868500000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7),  BAND_CENTI);      // g-band


ok, i tried it with OTAA and the LMIC library for it, But i still cant get the package to the TNN.
Pin Mapping:
const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
.nss = 10,
.rst = 9,
.dio = {2, 6, 7},

If i open serial monitor i always receive:
-packet queued
-unkown event
-unkown event
-unkown event

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first i tried it with APB, but i received Errors
then i tried it with OTAA but the TNN doesnt receive my packages

-yes, i checked it 4x time. Manuel, copied, with ox and etc.
-yes , they are actualy 2 and they are 4 meters away
-i used the code from LMIC which was made for 868Mhz
-My Lora dragino is 868Mhz

first check if its really transmitting
open your console and your application and then start the node

you should see the node now trying to join the network (yellow thunder)|

maybe this helps

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to thingsnetwork & I started learning LoRa communication recently. I have a problem using Dragino LG-01P gateway. I’m using SX1276 915MHz Serial Lora module from Ebyte (Model No : E32 915T20D) with arduino Uno to transmit data & I uploaded LoRa simple server yun sketch to gateway. But it doesn’t show any received data. I changed the frequency to 915MHz in the code. Please help me to fix the issue. When I try to read data from another SX1276 915MHz Serial Lora module as a receiver, I can read the transmitted data. Please help me how to fix the issue.

Thanks In Advance.

I’m sorry , we don’t support these lora-lora communication modules at TTN (LoRaWAN)

Thank you very much for your reply. Actually I’m not going to do lora-lora communication. I’m trying to learn how to send data to thingsnetwork from the lora module I mentioned & using dragino gateway. I said I used 2 lora modules as TX & RX to make sure that TX is working. What I actually need is send data from Ebyte Lora module to thingsnetwork using my gateway. Problem is my gateway doesn’t read the transmitted data. So I have no way to push my data to TTN.

Thanks in advance.

I see.

First thing to do is get your single channel gateway online with TTN
It’s known that these 'gateways don’t perform very well !

Then you want to use these Ebyte (Model No : E32 915T20D) as nodes to send data.
And there is a problem, the output power from the module (100 mw) is to high and not legal in most countries.
And this specific type can’t be used for LoRaWAN over TTN