Dragino Raspberry Pi Hat - SPI

Hello everybody,

i just bought a Dragino Lora / GPS Hat for the Raspberry Pi to set up a LoRa Node, but i don’t seem to get it to work anymore since last week.
The library i used is: GitHub - dragino/lmic-rpi-lora-gps-hat: Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for IBM's LMIC 1.6 communication stack targeted to RPi and Dragino LoRA/GPS HAT.

Neither the ‘periodic’ Example, nor the ‘hello’ Example is working. The Error Message i get is the following:

000000000 HAL: Initializing …
HAL: There is an issue with the SPI communication to the radio module.
HAL: Make sure that
HAL: * The radio module is attached to your Raspberry Pi
HAL: * The power supply provides enough power
HAL: * SPI is enabled on your Raspberry Pi. Use the tool “raspi-config” to enable it.
000000003 HAL: Failed. Aborting.

SPI is enabled and WiringPi is installed.
I’ve tried to get it working with a Raspberry Pi 4B and a Raspberry Pi 3B+. There is no difference.
Does anybody know where the problem could be?

Besides that, would you recommend to use an Arduino with the LoRa Shield instead of the RPi Hat?

Thank you very much.

You are using a steam-powered version of the software that is so old that it should be in a museum by now.

Very few people have a Pi driving the SX1276 radio chip because of the precise timing requirements of LoRaWAN. But you could take some of the directions from the Dragino archive and use the latest LMIC (which is mostly targeted at Arduino):

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