Dragino Raspberry Pi LoRa/GPS HAT

Hi I am a newbie,

Can anyone point me at a tutorial that will show me how to build a LoRa gateway with the Raspberry Pi LoRa/GPS HAT?

Many Thanks,

Take a look at Dual-Chan Gateway with Raspberry PI3 + Dragino Hat v1.4 and Downstream messages

Thank you - I will set this up at the weekend.

I have set up and Arduino MKRWan 1300 end node and cannot appear to get it con connect to my local gateway in Coventry…which is about 6 miles away.

Should 6 miles pose a problem

Hi all,
I just want to share my 3D-print Body Case for RPi3 + Dragino LoRa HAT + 5" DSI LCD.
I hope it will be helpful for you.


Thank you for this tutorial @Batigolle! I was wandering if modifying the frequencies only in the global_conf.json file is enough to have them effectively changed or if I need to change them in the dual_chan_pkt_fwd.cpp too before the make command; I’d like to change it to the 915 MHz frequency band.

Since the original post is closed, I found it reasonable to ask you this here.

Thanks in advance!

Did you take time to understand that it was closed because node class radios can’t really be used to make LoRaWAN gateways?

Hi @RickBadKan
I didn’t try to change the freq, because the sources were already set for my 868Mhz freq,
but, if I had to try with the freq 915, I would change in all the sources, all the recurrences 868 in 925.

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Ok, thank you for the reply!