Dragino RS485-BL Endnode 1-wire payload decoder

Sucessfully added a RS485 endnode to TTS.
Payload decoder for standard settings is provided by Dragino and working.

From HW v1.3 on it supports 1-wire (one wire), e.g. DS18B20 temp sensor.
However, the manual does (apart from connection details) not inlcude any further info about a paylod decoder/bit location.

Currently I’m trying LHT65N endnode paylod converter parts with no success, yet.

Has anyone successfully used a 1-wire sensor with the RS485-BL?



I just got the information from Dragino customer service that there is no 1-wire support for RS485-BL.

With HW revision 1.3 connections are there, but with current SW v1.4.0 no support of 1-wire, yet. :grimacing:

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