Dragino with wrong frquency?

Hi there,

I have bought an arduino UNO and a Dragino LoRa Shield V1.4. Description for Dragino is 868MHz, but when I output the value from LMIC.freq I get: 904300000, 904500000, 905100000,…
Furthermore there was something odd in code in file radio.c, lines 1033-1041
#ifdef CFG_sx1276_radio if(v != 0x12 ) return 0; #elif CFG_sx1272_radio if(v != 0x22) return 0; #else #error Missing CFG_sx1272_radio/CFG_sx1276_radio #endif
This lines cause the stop of initialization. So I outcommented them. Now transmission is starting, but with wrong frequency?
So I think, they’ve sent me a wrong Dragino-Shield…

Am I right with my opinion? Is there any other way to check frequencies?

Thank you - Sven

Most likley an error in your code.

The LoRa devices do have a single default frequency built in, but its up to the users code on the UNO in this case to setup the device for the range of frequencies, such as 904300000, 904500000, 905100000, that are used by TTN in various parts of the World.

Yes, thank you!

There was #define CFG_us915 1 in lmic_project_config.h set by default…
I’ve changed to #define CFG_eu868 1 and now everything is fine.