Dual-Chan Gateway with Raspberry PI3 + Dragino Hat v1.4 and Downstream messages

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Hi @Batigolle
After the installation of the gateway software (sudo make install of dual_chan_pkt_fwd) I have ensured that the global_conf.json file has the correct parameters:


I am not using an arduino setup to transmit the sensor values (as I will instead be using an identical raspberry pi with lora hat as a client or node to sent data from to my gateway), so I should be able to downlink data to the gateway directly, correct?

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What determines the possibility of downstream, is the gateway software, as a sensor you can have the type you want
The downstrem message will be sent in the queue after the next transmission of the sensor

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So it actually has to have a sensor sending data towards the gateway for the downlink to function? How does it then know to send this data via the node? Is there any way to verify that the gateway is working from the console?

From what I understood the downlink functions to send data from the TNN ‘‘down’’ to the gateway, as opposed to the uplink of data normally (eg from a sensor connected to a lora node). Would that be correct?

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From what I understood and that I verified with the tests, the sequence is …

Start transmission …

  1. The Node sends the message to the Gateway
  2. the Gateway sends the message to the TTN server
  3. The TTN server, decodes the message and manages it with the chosen application
  4. If there is a Downstream message, in the queue, to be processed, it sends it to the node
    through the gateway

… End of Transmission

maybe, someone more experienced, can correct my statements if they contain errors

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Thank you, your help is appreciated massively! :smiley:

I have been doing some more testing (mostly trial and error) and I believe that I now sort of understand (with your explanation) how it should work.

I am trying to get the sensor node working now, but as shown in the image, I am hitting a snag due to the incorrect labelling of the pins themselves.


Do you also posses the Dragino GPS/Lora HAT and could you tell me your version / pinout? I have the HAT v1.4

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I as a sensor use Arduino ProMini AT328 + RFM95W, the pin map changes from sensor to sensor

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Continuing the discussion from Dual-Chan Gateway with Raspberry PI3 + Dragino Hat v1.4 and Downstream messages:

hi @Batigolle, i was following all your step and it went just fine. But not long after i tried to stop the following program using “systemctl stop dual_chan_pkt_fwd” , i tried to reinstall it using sudo make install and this happens


i keep on trying to redo the whole process but the result is still the same. Do you know how to solve the problem above? thanks in advance btw. have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @farizkeke
with the systemctl stop command, stop the service do not uninstall it.
The make install command should only be used the first time to install the service
I’m not very experienced in ‘linux’, search the web for ‘systemctl stop’ and you’ll find an explanation of each parameter.
To restart the service try using “systemctl restart …”