"duty cycle and interval" Kerlink-iFemtoCell-evolution

I have a kerlink-iFemtoCell-evolution gateway, due to Corona virus situation I should leave it turn on in office and work with a sensor in my residence to send data to that.
For a Multitech gateway, I see Duty cycle and interval in the configuration of gateway, but I have not saw such parameters for Kerlink iFemtoCell gateway, are there such parts for configuring this gateway?
and if the answer is no, if I leave it turn on in the office, is it possible that I face legal problem regarding such parameters?

Thank you very much in advance

Those parameters are used for the LoRaWAN backend build into the gateway. When using TTN that part of the software is not used because TTN provides the backend.

The TTN backend will make sure your gateway stays within legal limits. (If you select the correct region when adding the gateway to TTN)

Thank you very much for your reply, and I would greatly appreciate if you could advise me regarding using ChirpStack too. Is it possible that duty cycle and interval make problem when the gateway remains turn on in the office using ChirpStack? or this OK too.
Thank you very much

This is the Things Network Forum - we do not use or support Chirpstack - you need to try the Chirpstack Forum :wink:

Thank you very much and sorry for my question.