Dwell Time and TxParamSetupReq for AS923 in New Zealand

Am I right in assuming that the server must set the dwell time for AS923?

In New Zealand AS923 is used. AFAIK there is no dwell time requirement. But from what I can see TTN is assuming UplinkDwellTime=1 and is not sending TxParamSetupReq message to set dwell times. Is that correct?

The spec says this for AU915: “AU915-928 end-devices SHALL consider UplinkDwellTime = 1 during boot stage until reception of the TxParamSetupReq command.” But there is no equivalent text in the AS923 section. There seems to be no requirement in the spec for the server to actually send the TxParamSetupReq, but it implies that it should:

“The default Join-Request Data Rate utilizes the range DR2-DR5…this setting ensures that end-devices are compatible with the 400ms dwell time limitation until the actual dwell time limit is notified to the end-device by the network server via the MAC command TxParamSetupReq.”

Can someone clarify, please? Can I do anything to avoid the 11 byte payload size limit while UplinkDwellTime=1?

Thx - Charles

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