E32 868t30d

Hello, I have two modules E32 868T20D & E32 868T30D, they both seem to have the Semtech SX1276 chips but no LoRaWAN capabilities? Anyone had any luck connecting it to a gateway?
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A few people have asked, no-one seems to have managed it.

Looking at the manual, it does seem unlikely.

I have found some code, however it seems to be point to point.
I also tried simply using the usual lmic library and defining only the rxtx pins, didn’t work either.

Basically to use this you would have to figure out how to reprogram the internal MCU and make it take requests over the serial line to operate the radio - either low lever requests, or implement the LoRaWAN stack on the module the way Microchip, Murata, etc often do and expose high level operations via an AT command set or similar.

Looked at an internal photo in the FCC test report and wasn’t seeing a familiar MCU there, it may be something minimal chosen for cost reasons. Even if the MCU were identified and reprogrammable it would be a complex project.