Easily reading data from The Things Stack into a webpage

I am new to The Things Network, but I managed to send data to The Things Stack.
Now I want to read the decoded payload data into some kind of html webpage. I assume that must be possible somehow as I think the most basic way to make use of the The Things Stack.
I have looked at all kinds of documents on the web, but I end up totally confused in an overload of all kind of data and fields that I am not interested in.
I only want something that I can easily address through some rather basic “get, url, network, accesstoken - thing”. And that gives the (decoded) payload in return.
There must be something like this, I assume.
Can anyone please help me to get things started?

Try exploring the options that the console provides on the applications side and see if anything then leads on to the comprehensive documentation that is linked bottom right of every console page along with the tooltip hints that are question marks ? in a circle.

I’d give a more direct answer, but it is of concern that you have read “all kinds of documents on the web” when all the answers are in the docs for multiple ways to pass on the data received to your end use as well as there being a whole module in the console menu for this. Hopefully a little exploring will lead you to answers which will lead you to explore more.

Plus searching the docs & the forum - get creative with the keywords, html is the output that displays a webpage, not entirely related to store data and you can’t use html to write a script to process an message with the decoded payload.

Plus putting a question in to Google which is very good at figuring out what people mean and at worst will show a list of other similar questions.

If your exploration of the main menu items, the docs, the search in docs, forum search and Google search don’t yield any useful results, please let us know what words you are searching with as it may be a nomenclature issue.

I want to read data from The Things Network (TTN) into an HTML page that I will launch every once and a while just to see if a variable is still within the desired range.

I have some experience with Particle Photon in such an application, but I’d like to switch to TTN.
For Particle Photon it was rather easy: using JavaScript to make a very basic HTTP request to the Particle API with the correct Device ID and Access Token and it’s done. (typically that would be something like: URLVarName = “https://api.particle.io/v1/devices/” + deviceID + “/”+ VarName + “/?access_token=” + accessToken; (in which VarName stands for the data that I want to read).

I guess there must be a similar way to make an rather basic HTTP request to the TTN API using my deviceId and my appId and possible some more fields.

Can you please help?

There isn’t. The TTN API does not provide access to data received in the past.

You can check the storage integration, keep two things in mind:

  • you will be exposing your credentials if you run JavaScript from a browser.
  • the storage integration stores data for a (very) limited amount of time.

you have to use your own integration ether using mqtt or webhooks

with either one of these methods the data gets pushed to your endpoints

what are you trying to monitor or do