Ebyte E78 and TTN V3


Are Ebyte E78 modules compatible , with their current firmware, with TTN V3 ?

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Have you asked the supplier?

We are going to be challenged in the coming weeks and months to test and validate the many hundreds of different devices that are used across the Community and will in large part be dependent on users testing and confirming or identifying back (through the Forum?) where possible and more importantly it is in the suppliers interests to quickly confirm if their devices are interoperabe and compatible with V3 - a marketing bullet to promote :slight_smile: as well as an insurance measure to stop potential users picking a competing product which does declare compliance and proven interop :slight_smile:

(So come on Manufacturers & Suppliers get to it quickly please - your market is waiting :sunglasses: )

I’ve just ask to my contact @Ebyte
-are currently sold E78 868LN22S TTN V3 compatible ?
-are currently sold E78 868LN22S flashable (via SWD) with a V3 compatible firmware ?

Waiting for answer…

:+1: keep us posted and let us know what they come back with.min the meantime if others have experience of getting it working I’m sure they will post here :wink:

Still no answer from Ebyte guys :pensive:
Are they aware about V2 → V3 transition ?
"TTN V3 Compatible’ would be good for the sells…

They may not really have a strong idea of what that means.

In theory LoRaWan compliance (if verified) would suggest it; in practice unless someone has actually run it in the region of interest, it’s hard to be certain.

flashable (via SWD)

In theory ASR6501/ASR602 devices should be… in practice so far I’ve not been able to get SWD to work with my only ASR6501 example (from Heltec) but it’s unclear if that is known pecularities of SWD on the PSOC4, Heltec setting the SWD pins to GPIO to be nasty, or peculiarities of the SWD adapter in relation to the PSOC4 oddities.

There is one more manufacturer of ASR6501 based modules - Ai-Thinker.
The Ra-07H module is confirmed to have no locks on SWD pins:



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Hope you can share some experiences soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Linar
Ra07-H schematic here : https://docs.ai-thinker.com/_media/lora/ra-07h_data_sheet_en.pdf
Maybe Ra07-H comes with basic AT commands from ASR

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Yes that is what it appears like.

More Ra-07H information can be found here: https://docs.ai-thinker.com/en/lorawan

Nice to see you were able to get SWD to work on that version of the module.

Curious if you could say which CMSIS-DAP you used?

Have just been trying an Atmel ICE against the Heltec and getting nowhere. My gut suspicion is that Heltec is configuring the pins oddly, but the psoc4 doesn’t seem to support using hardware reset to facilitate connection (nor according to my scope does the adapter drive the reset even when I’ve tried to tell it to).

Both DAP V1 and V2 are doing good to me.

PSoC4 (and Cortex-M0+ based PSoC4+ ) have not a lot of protection methods supported.

The Ra-07h module comes in “OPEN” state. So debugging is possible over either generic ARM CMSIS-DAP or with Cypress proprietary KitProg2/3/4 probes.

HELTEC keeps no secret that debugging of their modules is possible with KitProg3. Thus, it is likely that the factory setting for the modules is “PROTECTED”.

Status of Ebyte E78 is currently unknown. If they ship the module with “KILL” setting - there is likely no way to connect and flash your own custom firmware into this module. However, if it comes in “PROTECTED” mode - there is a chance to re-use it by device acquisition with KitProg3 followed by “mass erase” instruction.

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Should you think that if the old nodes are not compatible with TTN V3. How big a loss it is to the whole system. All existing ones. What installed on the world would no longer work.

I see that this TTN V3 is more of a gateway side problem.

But what are the correct settings for this module on the TTN V3 side.

Dear @al1fch,
Did you manage to OTAA join TTN v3 using E78?
I can join with OTAA to TTN v2, but no to TTN v3.
Kind regard from Madrid

Hi @jfmateos !
I put aside E78 and more generally TTN in 2021, having not a clear vue of V3 mutation (langage barrier is for me a part of problem ).
I hope a come back to TTN in 2022 with a clear understanding of V3 requirements.
In a pragmatic way 2021 is for me a ‘fall back Sigfox year’ for new connected things (with low cost Wisol SFM10R1 module) , old TTN Things continue to roll until V2 death …

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E78 and V3 ?

With a brand new TTIG Gateway registered on V3 , I got some successfully tests with some E78 end devices with their original V1.0 firmwares (E78 bought in 2020)

End devices registered with MAC 1.0.2 or MAC 1.03 on V3 Console
Ok for OTAA or ABP E78 end devices
Class A

more tests on the go to observe E78 dealing of download link , MAC commands……
I say ‘it works with V3’ , fully compatible ? that’s to proove !!

For my tests I was inspired by @daa792 commands’s sequence in this thread:

Hello All:

I tried both, E78 and Ra-07H and there are no issues with SWD, using KitProg 2/3 (I couldn’t make it work with CMSIS-DAP)

TTN v3 is Ok with Rel4.4 from GitHub - asrlora/alios-asr-lora as 4.3 has a problem with downlinks…

Now, did someone try the Ra-07H? I tried both, above repo and their own (GitHub - Ai-Thinker-Open/alios-asr-lora) which is actually a fork from the other (although old), and the module hangs after the initial message… The module comes with pre-loaded firmware which seems to work, but flashing from the repo did not work for me…

I will look for your comments.



in the past, i used the e78 module with ttn_v2.

at the moment, i have problems with the e78 module and ttn_v3.

(maybe someone can share the correct e78 module config and ttn_v3 config.

thank you.


What have you tried? What LoRaWAN Version have you regstered with?

i configured the E78 module again,

LoRaWAN version MAC V1.0.2 /
Regional Parameters version PHY V1.0.2 REV B

→ now it is working, thank you !