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how to configure a Widget in cayenne with a ERSeye device


I am using LoRa ERS Eye from Elsys with TTN. I am getting some data for temperature, humidity, voltage level but no heat matrix data ttn-traffic.

The motion configuration is set to “EYE: Heat mode (beta)”

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I have received the response from Elsys directly.

The heat matrix data is (currently) not available due to a LoRa bandwith limitations.
The ERS Eye in Heat mode sends the temperature of the hottest pixel. This is used for temperature monitoring of for example large motors, electrical cabinets etc.

The ERS Eye in standard mode does not send the raw temperature matrix, instead sends an occupancy value based on PIR motion and GridEye heat


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I’ve bought recently an ERS EYE Sensor and I would like to test them. However, some features of for sensor configuration are disabled. Actually, i put the motion configuration in Off but still receive a frame with motion :

thank you in advance for your help