Enclosure for Raspberry Pi and RAK831

Any suggestions on how to source an enclosure for an outdoor Raspberry Pi and RAK831 gateway. I am looking for something easy to put together. Temperature ranges from -5 to 30C.

try google pictures / aliexpress / banggood
try search this forum

Borroz beet me to it, I was about to have you search the forum as several examples have been posted. You could check the Labs section as well, enclosures used for other gateways can be used for you combination as well.

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Hi @kersing @BoRRoZ

Thank you for the wise advice!

I am totally new and the couple of case studies I looked at, after searching on google, said they just used a “locally sourced enclosure”.

Having looked at the forum I can see there is a wealth of help available.

Thanks again

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