End Device not Working, Although Other Codes Work On Hardware

Hi. When programming my end node, there is no connection taking place or activity registered on the application end devices, although the device is within range to the gateway (same room).

When I use the same code, and same (physical) board, and I use the deveui and appkey for end_device_01, it works perfectly, eliminating the possibility of a hardware or software problem. However, when I just change the deveui and appkey to that for end_device_05, it does not work at all. Why could this be?

end_device_05 has worked before, but it doesnt anymore (last activity February 22, 2023, if that is relevant).

I have reset the MAC state and generated a new appkey, but the problem still persists.

Please let me know if there is any advice. Thanks.

1st task is seperation - get min 3 to 10m seperation and if closer pref with an absorber such as a wall or thick window in between to get RF RSSI levels down to decent levels and stop any risk f front end overload (GW or Node) or channel bleed (GW or Node) either of which can lead to connectivity and hence debug issues… this is a Long Range solution remember :wink:

The device is within the same room, not exactly right next to it. About 5m