End device transfer to new gateway

how can i move end device from existing lora gateway to another loragateway ?
i ahve gateway & end devices in The things stack community

An end device is not connected to any particular gateway, it connects to the network, through the gateways. Actually multiple gateways can simultaneously receive the same message from an end device.

So you can just put up another gateway connected to TTN and they will both receive the message. Once you’re satisfied that the new gateway receives the end device too, you can bring down the original gateway if you need (or just leave it up, there is no harm in that). You should be able to see in the live data of the application in the console which gateways received the end device message.

Hi bertrik
Thanks for your quick update , i got your point
I will try end device with new gateway added without changing any settings , hope it work
But inTTN stack we normally attach application or end devices with gateways this makes me bit confused , so as you said it should work if the end devices ar already added inTTN doesn’t matter which gateways it was attached

Where do you do that? Curious as I haven’t done this ever for any device.

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Hi Kersin,
You are right , was bit confused between application ID & gateway IDs
Thanks for your observation & comments