End Device with TTL interface

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We are looking for a hardware which can talk to our MCU over TTL and work as a Class C LORA end device working in ABP mode

Please suggest a suitable hardware


What is your MCU - the term ‘TTL’ is a bit antiquated as much of the current range of MCU’s tend to work on 3.3V, some on 5V.

Additionally the trend is towards using OTAA - is there a particular reason you want to use ABP?

TTL cannot be antiquated, I grew up using it …

TTL (Transistor Transistor Logic) does refer to interfaces made with bipolar transistors and I doubt there is much hardware that uses that these days …

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I was able to find E32-868T30D E32-868T30D-成都亿佰特电子科技有限公司

any other hardware if you can suggest

OK, excepting that range of EByte’s modules do not do LoRaWAN, only their own point to point LoRa implementation.

There are many many AT command driven LoRaWAN modules: RAK, Murata, Microchip, IMST etc etc

There are a few of that type of UART front ended LoRa modules out there, they dont have the ability to be configured for TTN\LoRaWAN and are even limited in scope for point to point LoRa. Illegal to use in a lot of places too, you cannot control the power.


what’s about the RN2483 from Microchip?
I connected this module directly to a PIC16F1847 and it is running without any problems as a node for measuring temperature/humidity and sending data every 5 minutes to TTN.

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Hi All, Thanks for the responses.

Just to make my requirement simpler:

I already have a sensor circuit which is collecting data and till now we have been using 4G connectivity to send data to cloud. But now we want the same circuit to send data to cloud using lora. for this we want to add the economical and stable hardware as we cannot charge the client for the addon lora capability. Added to this we want the device to be always in listening mode (something like LORAWAN Class C device).

Note: We cannot modify the existing sensor circuit. Only port available for us is TTL.


Hi @LoRaTracker , thanks for the information. When you say illegal to use, are there some documents which I can refer to

As has been mentioned TTL is just a logic level, it is not an interface.

We suspect what you actually want is a device you can control with RX and TX UART (serial) pins, as you would talk to a GPS for instance. The already mentioned RN2483 from Microchip is an example of such a device.

You would have to refer to the power level limits for your part of the World. In most places you need to use modules where you can set the power level to be under legal limits and you cannot do that with some of those Ebyte modules.

Exactly why you cannot set the power level is not relavent, since they cannot be used for TTN\LoRaWAN in the first place.

@LoRaTracker thanks for the input. As suggested by you I am working on procuring RN2483, this seems to be a suitable choice

Hey @LoRaTracker , just noticed that RN2483 doesnot supports Lorawan Class C.

TTN does not support Class C at this time and is out of scope here. You would need to consider a private LoRaWAN instance or another network, sorry.

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Which network are you planning to use the device on ?

Private Lorawan instance.

If it is not a TTI private instance, then this would be entirely off-topic for the forum.

RN2483A-I/RM105 - LoRaWAN specification 1.0.2, Supports both Class A and Class C, Regulatory certified

The RM105 seems to support Class C.

It can support many different standards, but rather academic if:

a. TTN doesn’t support it


b. They aren’t using TTN!