End devices attributes are missing in MQTT message

v2 used to include “attributes” in MQTT messages. See actual example (with december warning by the way):
“warning”:“The Things Network V2 is shutting down in December 2021. Migrate to V3 NOW!”

V3 doesn’t (tried with the ‘#’ topic)

Is this intentional or forgotten in the implementation?

I wondered about this in my post from february:

In short: device attributes are not passed in the uplink with TTN v3. Not sending them avoids an extra backend database access for every device uplink. You can use the end device API to fetch the attributes at some interval (and cache them locally).

Yes, as a work around.
Until now I only used MQTT with v3 an don’t know the new api.

V2 knew about attributes in MQTT. (There had been silent attributes in v2 you could use via api.)