End node unable to join network


I am using Discovery kit (B-L072Z-LRWAN1 - STM32L0 Discovery kit LoRa, Sigfox, low-power wireless - STMicroelectronics) as an end node. I am making use of AT Slave commands (V2.1.0 / 10-Aug-2021) of this(I-CUBE-LRWAN - LoRaWAN software expansion for STM32Cube (UM2073) - STMicroelectronics) package.
As per release notes , this package is LoRaWAN® version V1.0.3 March 2018 compliant.

End node is class A device , region set to EU868 band.

I am unable to join the network using OTAA mode.

I get the following error on my serial COM port of end node:

10/25/2021 18:54:06 [TX] - AT+JOIN=1<CR>

10/25/2021 18:54:07 [RX] - 8s013:TX on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 0<CR><LF>

10/25/2021 18:54:08 [RX] - 9s557:MAC txDone<CR><LF>

10/25/2021 18:54:13 [RX] - 14s595:RX_1 on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 0<CR><LF>
15s249:MAC rxTimeOut<CR><LF>

10/25/2021 18:54:14 [RX] - 15s595:RX_2 on freq 869525000 Hz at DR 0<CR><LF>
15s803:MAC rxTimeOut<CR><LF>

I am using STM gateway (https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/st/) configured to send payload to eu1.cloud.thethings.network.

It will be a great help if anyone can help with probable cause for the same and pointers resulting network join failure.


Thanks in advance.

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