End nodes (LHT65) at V3

Hallo i register my end node Temperature and Humidity sensor in TTS (V3) as well as the gateway.
It worked all the night well and today. once i changed the data rate with other value, i can’t see it again. i set it to old value again to see it but it is not be seen.

My end node send the data because i can access on it (with serial cable and putty). I need your help urgently please. i have attached an image to declare it
problemlht65 snipperaproblem2

Are you using OTAA or ABP?


I have erased the end node and reregistered it and it is working now !

imho the problem was caused by fcnt-value. If you use OTAA this counter will be reset to 0. If you use ABP the counter of your node will not be reset and is less than the counter of TTN, the node will be ignored.


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Hello @AhmedIsmail - I believe I have the same problem. Would you be able to point me on how to erase/reset the end node (LHT65)? I’m new to lora with limited knowledge on how to debug problems on the end node. Thank you in advance.

You erase a device by deleting it from the application then create a new one. according to the join method you use, if OTAA then you should reconfigure the new APP_key in your sensor. If ABP then you should rewrite the new Nwk_sKey & App_sKey in your LHT65 (considering that you write the devAdd of the LHT65 in TTN’s Application end device).

And don’t forget to update your LHT65 to rev. 1.8.

Thank you @Amir_TTN

Thank you @wolfp

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