Endless downlinks from TTN after OTA command

I have sent through the TTN console a downlink to increase the transmission interval of an Elsys node in my sensor farm. Unfortunately this was not successful and I receive since then an endless number of activation links and cannot stop this behaviour. I tried to send another reset downlink to the node but nothing helped. Any idea on how to stop this ? I also rebooted my gateway that receives / sends the messages, the same for the node.

Interesting to mention that also the Dev Add in the message is always changing randomly.

Any help appreciated!

!!201101 - ttn console

You need to schedule another downlink message to the node in the console where you need to make sure that that message is UNconfirmed and REPLACEs existing messages. That might stop the cycle.

Thanks Jac, tried that one already several times, doesn’t affect the endless loop…

To my less tutored eye, it looks like your device is constantly trying to rejoin - maybe due to some issue in the firmware being triggered by the downlink.

To that end, is it feasible to consider planning for a road trip to power cycle it?

The road trip idea made it… I’ve put the node in my car and drove through the city, and guess what, suddenly it worked! Thx for support to all you guys!

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