Error fetching Device -> can't delete Device in Cluster V2

Unfortunately, this device can no longer be deleted in Cluster V2, and thus also not the associated application.
Is there a solution for this?

The sensor does not come “online” in cluster V3.

It is not possible to bring the sensor up in Cluster V3.
I believe it is blocked by Cluster V2

I am collaborator, with all rights:

  • settings
  • delete
  • devices
  • collaborators



Remove the battery for at least 24h or
Remove the battery, short-circuit the battery terminal (100 Ohm) for at least 10 seconds.
Measure with a voltmeter until less than 2V is present (capacitors discharged).

Booting takes at least 40 seconds, a short blue flash is seen.
Then after another 3s short flashing, the join request is thus successfully executed.



Well done on solving the problem - it would be useful for the community if you told us which sensor it is so anyone else with a similar problem can use this as guidance.

A Tracknet/TABS/Browan TBHH100 T&H? (OP Pic + internals pic) me thinks…

Basically need to force a rejoin to take new V3 creds…

Correct, it is a TABS TBHH100 Temperatur&Humidity Sensor