Error in Concentrator on a DLOS8 LoRaWAN Gateway

Hello all,

I have a DLOS8 LoRaWAN Gateway that is properly configured and was working a week ago, I turned it off to be relocated outdoors, as soon as I turned it back on I started getting the error:

Sun Jan 1 00:02:43 2012 lora_pkt_fwd[5128]: ERROR~ Failed to load fw 1
Sun Jan 1 00:02:43 2012 lora_pkt_fwd[5128]: ERROR~ [main] failed to start the concentrator

Next time don’t double post please. I’ve removed your other message as it was not pertinent to that topic anyway…

What are you using to power the gateway? Same power supply and connection as before the relocation? The concentrator requires a lot of power so you need to make sure the unit gets sufficient power.

Yes, we purchase the gateway with a powers supply connected to the regular wall.

General Settings
Gateway ID
Primary LoRaWAN Server
Service Provider
The Things Network V3
Server Address
Uplink Port
Downlink Port
Packet Filter
Fport Filter ?
DevAddr Filter ?
Current Mode:LoRaWAN Semtech UDP

Is the power connected the same way it previously was? Direct to the gateway? Or are you using PoE?

yes, everything setup the same way as it was originally, we even put it back to same location and power outlet.

If the setup is the same as previously when it was working and no settings were changed your hardware might be damaged. You didn’t upgrade firmware or something like it?

The two log lines show a 1st Jan date for 2012 - it may be that until it has a proper date & time that it can’t communicate with the internet properly.

I have not upgrade anything, I was very careful moving the gateway, I connected the device to both wired and wireless networks now to get internet, the device seems to see the internet, but the lora antenna does not start.

I’ve not seen inside a DLOS8, but as Dragino does a concentrator card, it may be that it’s become dislodged and needs plugging back in.

There is no concentrator card that I can see in the DLOS8 board other than the slot for sim card in case that we choose to use a phone service for communication instead of wired or wireless networks.

Check page 16. At the bottom middle in the picture is the concentrator card. The connector for it seems to be at the right side.

That is for cellular used correct?, we did not used cellular for our implementation but wired or wireless.

No the cellular module is above the LoRaWAN module in that picture. The concentrator card is for LoRaWAN as listed on the label on the module in that picture.

We dont have any cards, I am including two pics of the board.

That blue pcb with the tin color modules is the LoRaWAN concentrator card. However given that it has been mounted with four screws it’s unlikely it has a bad connection.

Time to contact Dragino support.

OK, thank you for your help.