ESP32 board with low quiescent current

Hi together,

I’m trying to design a PCB with an ESP32 and a RFM95w (and of course a few other stuff). Unfortunately I found no Linear converter which can deliver up to 500mA (which are needed when the ESP does wifi stuff) and has a low quiescence current.

Did anyone of you build a ESP32 Lora board which is driven by a LiPo Cell and can recommend a good linear converter (low dropout)?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You dont say what you consider to be low ?

Most electronic distributors will have a parameter search capability, so assuming you have decided on the dropout voltage you require, and you know the current handling capability (500mA min) then you can get a list of regulators that you can check the datasheets for your required quiescent current.

Why would a TTN node need to run the WiFi ?

I’m using the ME6211C33M5G-N SOT-23 for a basic ESP32 PCB board and Lora via a CLICK board. The ME6210A33PG SOT-89 is the 2nd choice (easier to solder, but haven’t used them yet).

Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for!
I created a KiCAD symbol and later this week I will order my first prototype.
4ct per unit is absolutely cheap compared to similar products by Texas Instruments.

For OTA firmware updates and configuration via a Web Interface.
I also want to implement Bluetooth Low Energy.

A large capacitor may help top off peak supply current requirements.