I am a new one to use TTN. My MCU is esp-wroom-32. My device is RN2483 with Antenna 868MHz.

I want to create a node and apply my device on TTN. The software I use is Arduino.

The example program ‘TheThingsNetwork-DeviceInfo’ can only find the information about ESP32.

How to get the infomation of RN2483 and the EUI of it when it has linked to ESP32?

The RX pin of ESP32 is GPIO3 and the TX pin is GPIO1.

So how can I get the right program to get Device EUI



‘TheThingsNetwork-DeviceInfo’ - that code is for the arduino leonardo.

  • one solution could be connecting your RN2483 to an usb serial interface (set to 3v3) and use a terminal program to ‘talk’ direct to the module by sending AT commands.

The ESP32 has a pinout with 3v3 power. I have linked it with the VCC of RN2483 before.

Did you mean that I need to give RN2483 a power and link it directly to PC to get the information of it?

did you build this node yourself or did you buy it ?

I am building the node by myself and follow the instruction tutorial at TTN. But has no ideal how to talk to RN2483 with MCU ESP32.

my suggestion would be… buy this module and connect it to the rn2483 and all TTN available examples will work… saves you a lot of time.
In fact you’ve then build an TTN UNO.

I have no experience in connecting an esp32 to a rn2483 (most people use a rfm95 insted)

I tried what you are attempting to do. You will need to wire the UART of the RN2483, plus 3.3V and GND to your ESP32 and then use a library to use AT commands from the ESP32 to the RN2483.

A lot of time to learn and also trial and errors.

I would highly recommend using a TTGO board that has the ESP32 and LoRa radio on a single board. You will save time and money. I love that the TTGO has an ESP32 WIFI, BLE and LoRa radio, plus its supported by Arduino libraries, etc.

The TTGO T-Beam is also a great choice as it has a Ublox GPS on it.

OK. Thank you very much. I will try TTGO board.

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SOLD ! :sunglasses:

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