Esp32PmSensor join error

@bertrik I have used your Esp32PmSensor code on a ttgo-esp32-v2.1.6 board. As you can see on the photo the program sends messages to my gateway. In the log I can see that the gateway receives the join messages, but never send a downlink message. To me it looks that the JoinEUI and the DevEUI are reversed. That’s because another node I made joins perfect (see last screenshot).

Am I correct?





Yes, they appear to be swapped.
You should swap them back in the application through the console.

The App EUI / Join EUI is hardcoded in the firmware (as is the app key at the moment…)
The Device EUI is derived from the built-in unique id of the ESP32 board.

I have a not-completely-worked out plan to improve this scheme:

  • Device EUI still derived from the built-in unique id of the ESP32 board
  • App EUI is encoded in the firmware (same for all of your devices)
  • Key is randomly generated upon first startup of the firmware, then saved in EEPROM
    A button press then shows a QR code on screen that encodes the information above, so you can take a picture and enter it in the console for that device.

Ok, that was the solution. A ttgo-esp32-v2.1.6 has no buttons but I got the keys from the serial console and entered the values in a new device. Now the device is sending payloads to the gateway.


Now this is working, next step is trying to understand the Cayenne payload encoding…
B.t.w. is there a way to reactivate the screen? Do I have to add a button to the board?