Exchange traffic between two clusters

I have an end device registered in cluster A and a gateway registered in cluster B and both clusters have all routing policies enabled. I would assume that my device in cluster A would receive data through the gateway in cluster B, however what I see is simply a Join Request being repeated in the Live Data of the gateway and nothing in the Live Data of the device.

Here’s how the routing policies, network and gateway visibility in both clusters looks like this:

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

It would be useful to know the why they are split between two clusters aka the context, as geographically speaking this is a rather unusual configuration.

what is the rssi and snr of the end device? how far from the gateway?

We are two organisations looking to share gateway and end devices. Our device on their gateway. We want to handle the data of the device using the integration in our TTN application, and they want to use their own gateway network. So our device is geographically located at their office right next to their gateway.

The device is located right next to the gateway at the moment.

So not cluster (EU/NAM/AU) but instance. This makes sense now.

Is either using the self-hosted Open Source version?

No, both are using The Things Stack Cloud, so each have their own cluster domain like

Then TTI support are the people to ask - most forum users are TTN users so are less likely to have a setup like that.

please answer the question, this will lead you to what to search or on the forum.

Alright, that makes sense.
Thank you for your reply.

Sorry but I do not see why the rssi and snr are relevant when I know the sensor to be right next to the gateway.

google channel bleed, something most rf devices suffer from on high rf levells

or google node right next to gateway

or google continues join loop