Experiece and Solutions with the SX1302 Packet Forwarder

Hi, Thought I would share some experiences with the Semtech SX1302 Packet Forwarder

To get it working with a RAK gateway I had to
1 - Change the Reset pin number from Pin23 to Pin 17 in the file reset_lgw.sh
2 - removed the use of the “Power Enable” pin in the same file as the gateway has no enable pin

I found the Stat Interval datagram in JSON format includes and extra data element “temp”. This is not included in the Stat Interval datagram for existing gateways which use the original SX1301 chip. When the extra “temp” data element is included the TTN server at Meshed ignored the Stat Interval signal. By modifying the code, removing “temp” and recompiling, it now works.

I also notice the SX1302 chip has its own EUI, from what I can see this is new to the SX1302 chip. So instead of deriving the gateway EUI from the Ethernet MAC, the gateway chip has its own EUI. Now its format is slightly different, instead of the two centre bytes being FF FE, in my case they were 01 FF. When I used this as the Gateway ID the TTN server would work fine, data packets from a Node would pass to the Application Server, the modified Stat Interval datagram would work and the Console’s “Last Seen” would update correctly, HOWEVER, the server does not send an acknowledgement packet to the Keep Alive datagram.

For your information, all of this testing was performed with the UDP packets (not MQTT).

There was no AU915 global.conf file available, so I created this. If anyone needs a config file created for another region, just let me know.

In the near future I will publish on Github a compiled version (along with instructions) ready to use on a Raspberry Pi.

Anyway, I am interested to hear other people’s experiences with this new gateway baseband receiver module.