Extending range of t-beam liligy

Hello, Im new in the hobby and just received yesterday 2 liligy t-beam T22_v1.0 20190612.
I played very much yesterday, with lot of headache as far as this latest design doesn’t comply much with even official lilygo github repo (Pull request waiting approval for the gps code there).
I would like to thank this forum as far as most of my working code found inspiration from multiple thread and hint from here.

Anyway, i did also a range test between a sender and a receiver. Im living in city, put the sender on my balcony (6m above street floor) and walked away around my building.
I approximatively reached 280m of range, before receiving stop with around -130 rssi.
All done with provided standard antenna (2dbi little one).

I would like to know which paths hardware and software, i can follow to extend this range.
Is using a higher gain antena such as 9dbi would improve the receiving range ?
Is there a way to ramp up the signal power on sender with software ?

Or are those devices just very limited and i should instead choose better one ?

What sort of range to a Gateway do you get with TTN node software loaded ?

Being a TTN forum there are people on here who will be familiar with the typical node to Gateway performance.

Using higher gain antennas on a node will normally lead to illegal operation, so its not a good idea. Its the same for the Gateway software, that is normally set at the maximum permitted power, so ‘ramping up the power’ is also not a good idea.

Tbh, i just joined here, cause i found plenty of good topic on tbeam.
Im still very ignorant about what TTN is and it ecosystem.
So i cannot right know answer your first question.

Explain to me what would be illegale to use 9dbi antenna instead of 2dbi ? Does it modify the power output of the signal ?

TTN nodes are normally limited to 14dBm output power, often the maximum allowed although it does vary around the world. That 14dBm is assumed to be output through a 2dBi antenna. By using a 9dBi antenna you increase the effective radiated power by 7dBm to 21dBm, which exceeds the 14dBm limit.

This is a TTN support forum, and not a forum for general Tbeam or point to point LoRa support.

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Thank you for your reply.
I know it is not a general forum about lora or tbeam, but nontheless, there are very valuable ressources here about general topic also. Anyway, i will continue to search on my side, it seems that in the world of microcontroller information digging is 99% of the process.