Extract frame counter (FCnt) for analysis

(Badryan) #1


I’m fighting some sort of event loss with a bunch of LoRaWAN sensors. At this stage it’s not quite clear whether it’s the physical events that we’re missing, or radio/network issues. I’m persisting the data with the Data Storage Integration that’s part of TTN. Is there a way to store the LoRaWAN frame counter (FCnt up/down) in there as well? Or do I have to use the CLI or a library to collect that information for a while?


(Arjan) #2

You’re out of luck, see How to retrieve metadata from Data Storage integration?

Any MQTT-client or library can easily get that data though; https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/applications/mqtt/

(Badryan) #3

Thank you, Sir. Just 10 days ago. I should hang out on here more often! :slight_smile: