Fail to Connecty to MQTT

Hi ya,
I’ve had a hut around, but unable to find any information to try and help me solve the problem.

I have a Arduino that is connected over LoraWan to a TTN via a gateway, and I then have a script running to subscribe to the MQTT feed. I have 1 sensor, feeding via 1 gateway and 1 subscriber to the feed.

However, in the Live Data feed, every 4th message I see a error message

Type: Failed to connect to MQTT
Data Preview: Resource limit 16 exceeded for resource with key as:conn:frontend:mqtt:app:xxxxxx@ttn

Has anyone got any idea how I can resolve this issue?

I don’t know how to check the Resource Limit, I can’t find any setting for it etc, I’m not even sure what the setting is

You have more than 16 MQTT connections to TTN, delete a few

How can I review / remove some? As far as I am aware, I only have 1 arduino posting into mqtt, and 1 device listening to the published messages.

The MQTT connection is between TTN Application and where ever you created the MQTT broker, your PC, cloud EC.

The amount of nodes connected to your TTN applications, or the amount of gateways you have is irrelevant.

Are you starting the script multiple times? Or connecting multiple times in the script?

Not that I am aware of. I have just stopped and restarted it - I wonder if there is a bug in the code somewhere.

Is there any way of seeing the connections?

@kersing: Thanks for that, it looks like restarting the script has resolved the issue, so that points to a bug in the script making multiple connections, probably on failure.

I feel like some debugging is needed there then.

Your script will need debugging, 1000 of other users the MQTT integration works 100%

Thanks All for the replies, I now at least understand the error and need to figure out where my code if failing

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