[Feature Request] email notification when gateway disconnected for more than x time

I think it would help to keep gateways online to receive an email notification when they are disconnected for more than a certain ammount of time.

I know this can be accomplished using external scripts, but that is not easy for non techie users.

Kind regards.

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All feature requests need to be entered on GitHub - the TTI dev team don’t frequent the forum as a matter of course. If you link to the issue then people can vote for it to show popularity but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily be done.

On the other hand, what are the challenges for people that can setup LoRaWAN stuff but can’t get an email notification sorted? What backend do you use for your data - maybe that could give you heads up?

Ok, thank you very much @descartes. I will ask in github.

Some gateways are installed in our relatives’ homes or other community members that only use TTN at basic user level.

It was already there:

I have upvoted it :wink:

The gateways at relatives home isn’t applicable - it’s presumably your gateway so you can do the config. Even using TTN as a basic user level requires quite a lot of configuration & setup.

What about the backend that’s being used - can that not alert you?

What is the challenge with the current potential solutions.

The more detail the more people can chime in ideas.

And, sure, it may have already been suggested, but as per the comments, it is a load on the backend that may not make it to TTN. Whereas if you read the meta data of your devices you can see which gateways heard the uplink and from that you can infer that if your gateway isn’t included (or the uplink is overdue) that the gateway is down.

And as I’ve contributed a number of integrations for v3, if I know what level a ‘basic’ user operates at, I can think on how it could work - at the minimum the integrations require a Python script running at home or a small bit of web space to upload a ‘no configuration necessary’ PHP script.

Thank you very much @descartes

I hope this feature will find its way into TTN and will wait for it.

As a local community, we have helped other users to configure their gateways, but we don’t keep control on them, and their owners sometimes don’t realise that the gateways are down for days or even weeks.

Every user chooses its prefered backend (some very easy ones as IFTTT, or our Telegram solution myIoTlegram).

Kind regards from Madrid.

Tell us about it then maybe the non techie users can also implement it.

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It would be nice, but I personally don’t want features adding that increase the load on the TTN servers if we can do it ourselves. Particularly as you now say you have at least two solutions. So, very happy to see in the TTI instances, but not so much in TTN.

We can’t just expect TTI to add extra compute-expensive functionality. The community can build solutions, but as I asked above, need the information to know how to provide it - but no response - hopefully you can oblige.