Fill-level measurement devices

Hi there!

I’m planning to carry out a research project about fill-level measurement of bin containers. I’m planning to take several units of this sensor model:

Two questions:

  1. Anyone who has bought already this product and have a positive feedback about their use and LoRa network?
  2. Any other recommendation for a fill-level measurement device based on LoRa?.

Thanks in advance!

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wow! looks amazing!!! thank you very much mate!

any other thoughts, proposals or tested solutions? :smiley:

I just contacted to MCF88 but until Spring 2019 the device will not be available to purchase. Someone else knows another nice (not so expensive, based on LoRa) device ready to purchase NOW?

don’t know anything about these devices… just found them.
think that the one you find yourself is cheap.

Any updates on this subject?
Did anyone integrated a fill-level measurement device on garbage cans?
What is the cost?
How do you monitor it? (tools/cloud/page)

I’m looking into a solution together with a routeplanner where the traject is calcullated on filled bins only to reduce co² footprint.

open source ? or a commercial available system …
(I haven’t seen open source planners yet)


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