Filtering traffic displayed in V3 console (only display uplinks, downlinks, joins)

When looking at the traffic live view of a gateway , it mostly displays the gateway status.
This drowns any messages of interest like uplink,downlink,join …

Is there a way to get rid of these annoying status messages?

Should I dare asking for filters to only display uplinks or downlinks or joins?


Forum search on filtering messages on the console could answer your question.

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let me answer your question:

  • No: there is no filtering other than the verbose type and the non-verbose type you are being presented by default now.
  • Yes, you may ask for a feature by raising feature request as an issue at github. This link is a good place to start: Issues · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub

My personal experience with this is that there is very little chance on influencing development as TTI has its own roadmap enfavour of the requirements and feed back from the community.

Still, it is important to raise the issue with the feature request. Else the requirement is unknown and can be ignored by the argument “no one let us hear anything”. Therefore: Dare to ask!

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