Find a downlink airtime of gateways

Hello everybody,
I would like to find downlink airtimes of gateways for an assessment of keeping of the duty cycle rule.
I am using MQTT API V3. Response to the subscribed topic
v3/{application id}@{tenant id}/devices/{device id}/down/sent
does not contain any information about a gateway in charge.
Uplink (i.e. LoRa device) airtimes are available to use for the same reason.
Thanks for any help in advance.

In the json

msg.payload.uplink_message.consumed_airtime - is the time the uplink took

Gateway information

Johan, as I wrote, I need DOWNLINK gateway airtime (incl. GW ID, sure).
I am already collecting the uplink airtimes.

Given the data length and spreading factor in the downlink you can calculate it yourself. The code for the calculation is available in the V3 code base on GitHub.
The uplink airtime is calculated as well, not something the gateway reported.

O.K. but where I can find the spreading factor and ID of the gateway that sent the downlink to the device? They are not present in the topic
v3/{application id}@{tenant id}/devices/{device id}/down/sent

The documentation doesn’t show some of the fields you are interested in because the data feed you are subscribing to hasn’t determined it yet, or if it has, the uniformity of the data format precludes adding it in and TTI promise not to break the API.

You may want to look at the details of the Event Stream - most of which you can view in the console by looking at a line - there are more events for gateways to explore.

For that you would need the gateways event stream. That information is not available at application level.

I need to get the GW data programmatically (Python script). Is there the MQTT access to the Event Stream or not?


But you can use the CLI - recent example on the forum if you search

Thanks to all for informing me.